QNAP Systems TS-431KX-2G NAS 4-Bay Bundle mit Web Managed Switch (QSW-M2108-2S)

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5 reviews for QNAP Systems TS-431KX-2G NAS 4-Bay Bundle mit Web Managed Switch (QSW-M2108-2S)

  1. Avatar di Riccardo V.

    Riccardo V.

    La descrizione del prodotto riporta che insieme al nas è fornito anche lo Switch (QSW-M2108-2S) come anche riportato nelle informazioni del prodotto, ma in realtà lo switch non è compreso!
    Questa è un’informazione ingannevole per l’acquirente che si aspetta che ciò da lui comprato corrisponda alla descrizione fornita!
    per questo dò una stella.
    il Nas è anche buono, ma questa disinformazione è cruciale per l’acquisto dell’oggetto, allo stesso prezzo (o più basso) si trovano prodotti migliori anche della stessa marca

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  2. Avatar di Night owl

    Night owl

    I’ve very little positive to say about this unit but when it works it seems to work well. The thing that concerns me is the flakiness of the OS and hardware is underwhelming.

    I’ve had a number of quirks with this unit from shares and permissions being very picky as to when they work. HDD sleep mode that is impossible to get to work for more than 30 mins and that’s after extensive deep dives switching qnap services off. Cold boot times are slow, anywhere between 5 – 15mins to access resources. SMB shares / permissions seem to have a mind of their own with enhanced folder permissions enabled.

    Speed wise with 40tb worth of drives it is snappy at pure throughput but there isn’t much performance available with a 32bit cpu if you’re considering much more than simple storage.

    With 4 x 3tb drives the unit idled at around 38w, with 4 x 10tb drives usually around 50w. Obviously under load both figures were higher.

    Upgraded from 2gb to 4gb of ram which wasn’t too bad to swap out. The cpu lacks grunt though so the memory headroom doesn’t count for much.

    Poor performance when it comes to acoustics and moderately noisy drives seem excessively noisy when mounted in the chassis. A little internal noise dampening / acoustic foam would cost pennies for each unit but none present.

    Anyone considering investing in the Qnap eco system really needs to Google qnap deadbolt and separately qnap sleep issues if they are concerned about energy usage.

    If you’re happy with a lot of tinkering, ssh scripts and don’t value your data highly then it’s a maybe.

    I’m still debating returning it and lack confidence it will be reliable.

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  3. Avatar di Australian family

    Australian family

    I used to have an old 2 bay QNAP. But this TS-431KX2 takes it to another level. For home use, its fast, has decent security to protect your files, and has small footprint and doesn’t take much space. Also, you wont notice its there, very quiet. It got 2 X 1 GB network connectivity which is helpful if I need to move a folder of last year’s photos.
    Working from home is something that will stay for few years and having a QNAP makes it easier and more secure.

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  4. Avatar di Australian family

    Australian family

    Ich habe sehnsüchtig auf solch ein Angebot gewartet, ein günstiges NAS einem 10GBit sfp+.
    das hat mein erstes TS431+ ersetzt.
    Das bekannte Betriebssystem bleibt, die Performance netzseitig ist akzeptabel.
    Die Sync-Jobs mit der integrierten App HBS 3 laufen nun doppelt so schnell, natürlich abhängig von Grösse und Anzahl Files.

    Selbst im Bereich Virtualisierung mit VMWare und NFS-Anbindung merklich schneller.

    Die weiteren NASen werden nach und nach mit diesem Modell ausgetauscht.

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  5. Avatar di Armandl


    Ich bin mit dem Gerät recht zufrieden. Die NAS läuft bei mir nicht im Dauerbetrieb. Deshalb ist die relativ lange Hochlaufzeit manchmal etwas störend.

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