Western Digital WD10EADS Caviar Green 1TB Hard- Disk interno (8,9 cm (3,5 pollici), 32MB Cache, SATA)

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SKU: 41660F18
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‎Western Digital


‎Western Digital



Dimensioni prodotto

‎14,73 x 10,16 x 2,54 cm, 0,28 grammi

Numero modello articolo


Fattore di forma

‎3,5 pollici

Dimensioni Hard-Disk

‎1000 GB

Velocità di rotazione disco rigido

‎7200 Rivoluzioni al minuto

Le batterie sono incluse


Peso articolo

‎0,28 g

Aggiornamenti software garantiti fino a



Based on 5 reviews

5 reviews for Western Digital WD10EADS Caviar Green 1TB Hard- Disk interno (8,9 cm (3,5 pollici), 32MB Cache, SATA)

  1. Avatar di MklD


    Festplatte kam okay verpackt an.
    Eine Analyse zeigte jedoch keine Schäden durch den Versand.

    Die Platte funktioniert seit einiger Zeit super und wird für gelegentliche Backups genutzt.

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  2. Avatar di HL


    For those that don’t know why you want a low-power drive:
    It’s not just for the environment or your electricity bill–those are just added bonuses. A hard drive can generate a lot of heat inside of your system. This means that (a) your fans will have to blow faster (and thus your computer gets significantly louder), but also that the rest of your computer (CPU, graphics card, etc) are operating at a higher heat. This means that they are running at a lower efficiency rate, as well as with an increased risk of failure. Long story short, your computer will run quieter, faster, and more efficiently, and will also last longer with fewer failures.

    This particular drive runs faster than a lot of low-power drives, and has been incredibly reliable. It’s 7200 rpm and 32mb cache are rather good specs, especially compared to other drives out there–make sure you check those two specs before you buy! The price also cannot be beat.

    It unfortunately doesn’t come with any cables, so I would strongly suggest getting this (as I did): 

    Cables Unlimited Serial ATA Cable Kit

    . It comes with both the sata connector for your motherboard as well as a power adapter to power your drive from a 4-pin molex cable from your power supply.

    —-Update regarding WD’s changed rpm specs—-
    WD has changed the specs on the drive since my last review, from 7200rpm to “IntelliPower,” and many other websites speculate as to what that exactly means. Some say it runs closer to 5400rpm, other say it’s a variable rate between 5400 and 7200. I don’t know what it is, but I did want to weigh in on performance.

    I also have a 5400rpm drive in the same machine, and a proper 7200rpm drive in another machine. This green drive definitely outperforms the 5400 drive, and I personally do not notice the difference between this and the other 7200rpm drive when running Acronis backup or Photoshop/Gigapixel work. Apparently this has to do with the increased density of the plates used in the drive, although I do not know enough to weigh in scientifically on this. Of course I doubt that performance is comparable to the WD Black drives, but for normal use this drive will not be a “slow-down factor” like other 5400rpm drives tend to be.

    The rest of my review about power consumption and temperature still stands, and I would also like to add that it’s great with fanless external enclosures, which often tend to generate excess heat with higher-power drives.

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  3. Avatar di Not relevant

    Not relevant

    Nice drive. Used it for backup. Wouldn’t use it in the system however because it’s a slow drive.

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  4. Avatar di Celine Gigi

    Celine Gigi

    Rapide et silencieux. Dès son installation, j’ai copié sur ce disque 63 Go de photos en un temps record. Un seul regret : il est livré sans vis et sans câbles.

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  5. Avatar di C. Redwood

    C. Redwood

    My old WD160GB SATA I drives were getting too close to being full for comfort, so I took the plunge and splashed out on one of these drives. My motherboard ASROCK P4V88 only claims to support SATA I, so I assumed I would have to slug the new drive with a jumper. As I wanted a smooth transition, I chose WD and given the limited speed, I opted for 32MB cache.

    The drive is supplied with only minimal documentation, no jumpers, no leads and no mounting screws. I don’t think it could have been better packed. The drive is in a sealed anti-static bag and then in a series of foam inserts in a cardboard box. This box is then placed in a further cardboard box with scrunched up paper for additional protection.

    My old SATA I drives could use either the old white 4-pin molex plugs for power or the newer SATA power leads. The new drive (the subject of this review) can ONLY use the newer SATA power leads. Adaptors are available from Amazon and Maplin. I wish I had bought mine from Amazon, as Maplin are more expensive. I used the jumper from one of my existing drives to put it on pins 5 and 6 to link them and get 1.5Gb/s data transfer.

    I downloaded Acronis True Image from the WD Web Site. This made the transfer of data, programs, operating system etc. very smooth using the cloning option. I doubt if it could have been easier. The actual transfer of 120GB of data took under an hour (sorry I didn’t time as I was expecting it take much longer).

    Operationally the new drive is certainly as fast as my old drive, and it appears quieter.

    I am pleased with the results, and will be replacing my other 160GB drive with a second WD like the review one. This will be used for data back-ups.

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