TP-Link Omada Business WiFi 6 AX3000 Ceiling Mount Access Point (EAP650) – Support Omada Mesh, OFDMA, Seamless Roaming, HE160 & MU-MIMO, SDN…

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Dimensioni prodotto

‎16 x 16 x 3,36 cm, 390 grammi

Numero modello articolo


Numero articolo



‎48 Volt, 12 Volt

Le pilebatterie sono incluse


Pilebatterie richieste


Velocità di trasferimento dati

‎3000 Megabit al secondo

Tipo wireless


Numero di porte


Tipo di connettori


Contiene liquidi


Pilabatteria ricaricabile inclusa


Peso articolo

‎390 g

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5 reviews for TP-Link Omada Business WiFi 6 AX3000 Ceiling Mount Access Point (EAP650) – Support Omada Mesh, OFDMA, Seamless Roaming, HE160 & MU-MIMO, SDN…

  1. Avatar di Stephen Seaman

    Stephen Seaman

    Ok, so I am a geek. I am running OpnSense on a Xeon E3-1226 v3 with 16GB of RAM connected to my network with a Chelsio N320e. If you understand what all that means you know it’s WAY overkill for home use and I LOVE it.

    So with that out of the way so far this AP has been great. Pulled it out of the box and hooked it to a TP-Link POE switch and connected to power and the network, took a second to look up the IP address and after connecting it was up and running without issue. I have dealt with consumer grade products that took nearly 30 minutes to get setup and working correctly because they want to force the use of an app and even then don’t want to go into AP mode. This was a pleasure to configure as it took me longer to hook up some cables and find the IP address than it took to actually put in the settings. If you have done some networking for a while and don’t need your hand held this will be great for you.

    Doing speed tests to my 10G fiber connected server from my phone while connected to this AP is getting me around 800 Mbps to my Galaxy S21. From my 10G connected desktop I get 5000 Mbps to the same server FYI. This is with 21 connected clients (mostly ESPhome configured ESP8266’s) and a connection rate of 866Mbps which is great IMHO.

    I have a TP-Link OC200 Hardware controller on it’s way as well and need to expand to a set of 3 EAP650’s that will all get their power from a TP-Link TL-SG1005P switch and will update with more information when that is completed but so far in standalone mode things are working great. My other current AP is a Netgear R8000 I have had for a while and the handover from the R8000 to the EAP650 is seamless as well so I foresee no issues when 3 EAP650’s are up and running.

    I also as of yet have not done anything with multiple SSID’s or vLan’s but that will be in the works soon as well but has been put off until I get all of the hardware needed to make it work correctly. I will be sure to update this review and more information I am however VERY happy with things after the setup being a breeze.

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  2. Avatar di Gary W.

    Gary W.

    These things are great, simple UI, and it just works. I bought one for my work and liked it so much i got one for the house, i ceiling mounted it and its nice, no stupid looking wifi sitting on a counter or something. The only negative is the plug location. So in the ceiling mount the cable is visible, would be nice if you could hide it. I have powered thru POE. This easily covers the whole house.

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  3. Avatar di Trevor MacDougall

    Trevor MacDougall

    Purchased this for home use where we have a large household and a business access point seemed to be a better idea for multiple simultaneous connections. Phones, ps4 and gaming laptops all running together with excellent speeds. Only thing that would have made it a better deal would have been the inclusion of a POE injector where the router does not support power over Ethernet.

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  4. Avatar di Trevor MacDougall

    Trevor MacDougall

    I discovered the TP-Link Omada WiFi series just recently. These things are AMAZING! I originally bought some for my work as a trial to replace our aging Cisco system from 9+ years ago. I liked how easy they are to configure and they deliver amazing performance and usability. Plus, the price is just right. And no monthly/yearly fees if you run your own controller software (or just run them all in single/standalone mode if you prefer).

    I ended up purchasing a couple EAP650’s and an EAP610-Outdoor for my own home. These EAP650 models are a nice small size, about the size/shape as a smoke/CO sensors so they can fit just about anywhere.

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  5. Avatar di MuttMutt Outdoors

    MuttMutt Outdoors

    Purchased two EAP650 and one EAP650-Outdoor. Standalone setup was easy, and setup with Controller was even easier. Firmware update with Controller is very easy. Documentation is lacking, but a User Forum is available to ask questions. Apply Firmware updates to enable latest features and improve connection speed.

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