SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (42mm) – Smartwatch Silver

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Diametro della cassa

42 mm

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Caratteristiche speciali

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46 grammi


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5 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (42mm) – Smartwatch Silver

  1. Avatar di Domenico Guarino

    Domenico Guarino

    Tutto molto bello in perfette condizioni, unica pecca, non ci sono le istruzioni in Italiano, ma Samsung lo fa….ti devi arrangiare

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  2. Avatar di Klaus


    Leider ist die Uhr (für ältere Personen) sehr klein, funktioniert aber ausgezeichnet!
    Das Uhrband: Unangenehm und klebrig.

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  3. Avatar di Ms Jenny phillips

    Ms Jenny phillips

    This watch doesn’t deserve 5 star, but only 3 star for following reasons:

    1) extremely short battery life similar to smartphones … you have to recharge it as frequently as you recharge a smartphone
    2) Blood pressure monitoring requires frequent calibration using a proper medical grade blood pressure monitoring device … pointless … if I have to own a medical grade blood pressure monitoring tool to calibrate this feature in the watch, I could as well use it to measure my blood pressure … doesn’t make sense to me

    On the positive side, I love its offline music playing ability and activity monitor when doing exercise

    To Samsung: if you want to win the competition, you would have to put all your efforts to increase the battery life to at least 1 week … not sure if this could be achieved by inventing cellular cells that could be integrated with display of this watch (?)

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  4. Avatar di Domenico Guarino

    Domenico Guarino

    I love this watch, I have been looking for a classic smart watch for ages, it does everything I want a smart watch to do. I didn’t want to send it back,

    BUT the battery is flipping useless.

    Yes it fast charges in 90 mins, but I need to take it off at least once a day to charge, and I want to wear it at night to monitor sleep, so I can’t charge it then.

    I went to the Samsung innovation store in King’s Cross and the tech team ran diagnostics and tests on it and said there is nothing wrong with it. They showed me how to turn off as much as possible, but it still be a usable smart watch, but it only gained an hour of battery.

    The only way to make it through 24hrs is to have power-saving mode on and just use it as a watch, needing to press a button to show the time.

    For a price range of around £280 I need a better battery. It’s like having range anxiety in my 2016 @Nissan leaf that can just about do 80 miles. Again that’s a perfect little electric car with limited battery. I know we need to spend significantly more to get an electric car that will do 360 miles. But £280 for a watch is already a hefty price for a watch in my world. This watch was meant to be my 50th b day present from my folks.

    I bought the @Withing #ScanWatch a few months ago, which again is almost fantastic, and it has an amazing 30 day battery life, but it has to have your phone with it to map your run, and various other tasks, none of the photos on line show the giant domed glass front that looks like a bulging eyeball. Which made it feel very vulnerable to getting scratched, Verging on False advertising, so I returned it.

    Samsung galaxy classic 4 watch is so near and yet so far from useably perfect. And I know that “perfection is the enemy-of-greatness”, I just need 7 days of battery life out of my watch, for this kind of price, is that too much to ask?

    Now back to the search for a great classic all rounder smart watch with 1 weeks battery life. If you find one please let me know

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  5. Avatar di Ash


    Die Geräte aus dem Retourenkauf werden offensichtlich überhaupt nicht geprüft. Einmal erhielt ich die Lieferung ohne Uhrenarmbänder, ein zweites Mal fehlt das Ladegerät.

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